Open Sources Biggest Enemies: Open Source Users

I had a few minutes in which to skim through the disgruntled Ubuntu user’s blog. Between his racist banter (Foxconn is located in Taiwan, so their communication isn’t perfect English; the user in question disgustingly lampoons them for it) and insistence that Microsoft is to blame, it’s clear that it only takes a few bad apples to spoil the whole bunch with respect to how companies view the open source community.

You can work with people or you can make everything worse for everyone else by making demands and allegations. There are already enough companies who WON’T have anything to do with Linux or other open source projects because the world is — and will be for many years to come — very much Windows-centric. It doesn’t help open source when users act without any tact and go around accusing others of trying to subvert open source.

What do you accomplish when you mock others’ grammar, especially when they don’t speak English? What do you hope to accomplish by making repeated attacks on a company who manufacturers something you want to use when it appears they’re willing to work with you to solve issues that affect < 1% of their customer base? What does it say about the open source community when there’s a lot of this bullshit about companies being in Microsoft’s pocket simply because they either have a Vista-ready emblem on their site or because they suggest you see if there’s a similar issue by running an operating system (Windows) they know works on their hardware to see if it can be isolated to one board? What good does goading the people trying to help you do? Or writing the FTC that “I am complaining because I feel this violates an anti-trust provision in the Microsoft settlement, I further believe that Microsoft is giving Foxconn incentives to cripple their motherboards if you try to boot to a non-Windows OS”?

If there’s a buggy BIOS, the odds are very good that Microsoft had nothing whatsoever to do with it. But with myriad kernel versions and configurations, how the fuck is a board manufacturer supposed to keep up with every change? At least Microsoft plays friendly with the manufacturers so their hardware and software will work. Linux users just throw tantrums and make all kinds of allegations and demands. And then they expect equal support for Linux as Windows or don’t understand why companies who sell 90+ percent of their goods for use in Windows can’t “guarantee” it works with every possible permutation of Linux.

Do you still wonder why companies like Broadcom don’t care to work with open source types? Who needs that when your business model is already working just fine without it.

Running around with a chip on your shoulder, shouting anti-MS hysteria, making irrational and unfounded claims, and/or scanning the skies for black helicopters is no way to increase open source adoption. Or even open source cooperation.

If there’s a silver lining in any of this, the user in question has been banned from Ubuntu’s forums. Nice to see some discretion exercised when someone appears so incapable of it himself.


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