Update on my BSD blog

I’ve written an update on my BSD blog. I’m only going to add the same appeal here that I made there relating to the recent hurricanes:

I’m grateful my friends and family have mostly been spared the worst of the damage. There are many people, though, who will need assistance getting their lives back together or relocating, especially those in coastal Louisiana who were still recovering from the effects of Katrina and Rita when Gustav and Ike struck this year and destroyed the region again. Please donate to the Red Cross or another relief agency if you haven’t already. These agencies don’t focus relief on any one region or one kind of natural disaster — they assist victims of earthquakes, blizzards, hurricanes, droughts, tsunamis, and other disasters like fires and war as well. The American Red Cross delivers 94 cents of every dollar donated to them in actual services to those in need (much more efficient than FEMA and other government-based services). For the cost of a couple premium coffees, you can make a significant difference in helping those who’ve been left with literally the clothes on their backs.

Hopefully I’ll again have more time for this blog shortly.

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