Major League Downtime

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a chance to update either of my blogs. I’m currently in Houston taking care of family and have my hands full with that. I’m pretty much taking the rest of the year off under accumulated comp, vacation, and family leave. I’m doing a little work remotely and as I get co-workers and clients passing through Houston — but that’s the exception to the rule. Most (all) my time is spent caring for ailing and dying family members.

Here’s a little update on my systems and what I’m doing:

I noted in a reply to Frederic Culot, author of the excellent calcurse calendar application, that I’d been using emacs again. That was shortlived because I really do prefer vim and viper mode really doesn’t cut it for me. I really wish emacs could do all I want and need but there’s so much in it that I don’t need that I can’t justify the trade-offs (bloat). Yes, it can do everything I need. It just does it with more resources than I care to use at once — my same argument against KDE. It’s great if that’s all you want to use, but the overhead is too significant if you use heterogeneous (with respect to libraries) applications.

I dragged my router and laptop with me because I knew I was looking at spending several weeks here (at least). I may run back home to get more computing power if it extends beyond the current time frame.

I’m still using OpenBSD 4.3 on my laptop because I really haven’t had time to burn a CD and install 4.4. I never got to file a bug report about an ACPI issue I had with the two snapshots I tried installing on this, and I don’t yet know if I’ll get time between now and the end of the year to update (I honestly have had less than half an hour a day to tend to my own “needs” for about the past three weeks).

Other cool stuff
I saw that libarchive 2.6 will be out shortly. Among the usual bugfixes, it will include LZMA support. I’ve used that in BSD and Linux, even replacing GNU tar/cpio.

I’ve been using calcurse 2.3 since Frederic’s comment. Nice. Unfortunately, I haven’t had many opportunities to export calendar files because I’ve dropped my work schedule. And pretty much the rest of my life. At least for a few months.

I may get myself a new laptop for Christmas. I’ve had a little time to play with an Eee but I think I need a bigger computer than that. I like the weight and can manage with the small screen, but I have huge hands and those tiny keyboards suck.

Finally, I’m used to seeing uptime measured in weeks and months. These days it’s rarely hours and seldom more than a few minutes here or there, most often at times when everyone else is sleeping and I can’t. I’m not used to going stretches without posting much. This will be one of them.


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