Windows-centric: Secunia PSI on AA1

One of the first things I did with my Acer Aspire One was to install Secunia’s Personal Software Inspector (PSI). PSI leverages Secunia’s database in scans to check for security updates for installed applications in Windows.

My initial scan showed I had only four things that needed to be updated. One of the cool things about PSI is it allows the user to simply click on a link to update whatever has issues. For example, I needed to update some Adobe stuff (I’m not a Flash fan but I accept that it’s becoming a de facto standard on the web). I only had to click on the “solution” link for each susceptible program to update it to the latest patch.


Once I did that for each one, I had an updated system.


I’ve yet to mess with the advanced settings to see what else I can do with PSI but it’s nice to have a trusted source for keeping up with “centralized” security updates.

Site note: Note two new categories. I may start another blog since content related to my AA1 will focus on Windows for a while. I think a lot of the supposed pro-Linux advocacy is poisonous anti-Microsoft hysteria and outright FUD — more often than not merely a case of pots calling kettles black. From my own comparisons between Linux- and Windows-based UMPCs, I think these things aren’t Windows killers but rather could be Linux killers. The performance of XP on the AA1 is stellar and Windows can be secured and updated to whatever level the user wants, just like Linux; a lot of the same open source software for Linux runs in Windows, too — I’ve installed a lot of my old favorites already and will no doubt add more if and when I get time.


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