Back Home and AA1 Case Idea

Whew. I’m back home, finally. I spent nearly three months caring for family, which is an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything even though it was physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausting. I’m taking a day or two to gather my bearings and get back in the swing of things at home and then it’s back to work.

I have a lot of catching up to do at work and here. I’ve been using my Acer Aspire One exclusively, and exclusively with Windows. I don’t know yet if or when I’ll get around to trying a Linux or BSD installation method (probably USB, probably not on hard drive) with the AA1.

One of my concerns with my AA1 is keeping it physically protected — not just keeping software patched and updated. My AA1 came bundled with Acer’s neoprene sleeve, which is minimally protective when carrying it around. My other laptop’s case is a bit too big and bulky for such a small computer. I did that for a while. I also searched all the usual stores and sites for something adequately protective but not too big or bulky.

I finally found something that I really like. I was in a department store this morning looking at things totally unrelated to computers when I stumbled across a Targus case designed for portable DVD players — which are about the same size as the AA1. I looked at the specs on the case’s label (I appreciate companies who make it easier for consumers to figure out if their products are appropriate for consumers’ end uses) and decided it shoud fit.

This is the result when I got home and put the AA1 in the sleeve and then into the case:


Perfect fit!

There are some other cool features that I like about this bag. It has enough room for things like my little USB mouse, various storage media (the bag has little pockets for DVDs that could be used if your netbook has an external DVD or CD drive; I’ll use mine for flash and USB sticks), pens, etc.


Also, the device comes with an attachment system for using DVD players (and perhaps netbooks-as-GPS-devices) in cars.


So if you have an AA1 or similar netbook and need a case, consider portable DVD cases. I’m sure there are cases that are bigger, smaller, niftier, prettier, blingy-er, etc., but I got mine at a store that cuts the price in half (I paid $12.99) so I’m content with it.

I still haven’t decided if I’ll set up a separate AA1 blog here. I have some “old business” to address when I get time, and that will probably come before starting new blogs. There’s also some new business that I’ll address at some point, too. I just have a few priorities to catch up with first. Stay tuned.


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