From DSL to Knoppix to NetBSD in 24 Hours

I wrote in a post yesterday that I did a clean install of DSL 4.4.10 on a little old hard drive I found in my desk — and noted I’d use it “at least for a while.” That was short.

Later yesterday I decided to try something with an older version of Knoppix installed as-Debian. After removing a ton of shite with dpkg and seeing how fucked up binary packaging can get (e. g., removing stuff you don’t want can lead to indiscriminate loss of things you might want to keep), I capitulated and started rm’ing everything in sight. I got it down to a manageable level and updated a few things. Then I figured, once again and when weighing what else was left to update, it really is easier to start small and build up.

There’s nothing better for that than BSD. So I installed NetBSD 4.01 this afternoon.


The rest of my work on it will be headless via SSH/PuTTY. I’m skipping pkgsrc while updating and installing stuff. This will be used primarily, as I wrote about what I was going to do with DSL on it, for hosting stuff fetched elsewhere (e. g., podcasts, mashup stuff, etc.) and testing some stuff before it gets deployed at work.

Since this is BSD-oriented, the rest of the story will (might) unfold on my BSD blog (linked on the side).

I’ll have a post about DSL and its future on this blog in coming days, and I’ll link up my new blog when I post some stuff about my Aspire One on it.

2 Responses to “From DSL to Knoppix to NetBSD in 24 Hours”

  1. aperturefever Says:

    Just passing by to say hi, to an advocate of minimalism :)

    Great blog and i just hope to see a review of the much awaited NetBSD 5.0 ;)

  2. lucky Says:

    Thanks for dropping by and saying hi. I haven’t updated to -current with NetbBSD yet and will likely wait for the release; any review will be on my BSD blog — I hope to have some new (and probably mostly unrelated) content on it by the end of this weekend. And I hope to add more content to a new general issues blog and make it public here shortly.

    BTW. I listened to the latest episode of BSDTalk with Andrew Doran about NetBSD 5 and other related issues, including work he’s doing on a desktop-ready version of NetBSD. It’s good to see more progress made in this area since most Linux distros seem to be desktop oriented these days and the wrong impression has been left for too long that BSDs are better suited for server than workstation.

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