Skanky Garofalo Can’t Crack Blowfish on 24

Morris O’Brian, husband of Chloe, turned on Jack Bauer to save Chloe from 15  years in prison and agreed to crack “Blowfish 148” encryption on last night’s episode of 24. This is at least the second time in which Blowfish is cracked on the show. The first time it was cracked with the help of a “proprietary algorithm” but they started out with a list of  “nicknames, birthdays, pets,” etc., anyway.

Last night I chortled when Morris announced to the special agent in charge of the DC field office that the designer of the algorithm left a backdoor. Janeane Garofalo, who’s unbelievable in her role as an FBI agent (I’ve seen no female agents in the Bureau with commie red star tattoos on their hands; let alone characters anything like the IRL mouth-breathing skanks of Garofalo’s ilk), had been stymied by the encryption and needed either Morris or Chloe to crack it for her. Imagine that. I was unhappy to see Gar0falo in the series at all but I guess she was available and cheap following the cataclysmic flop of Air America. Seeing that she couldn’t crack Blowfish might help me sleep easier at night. Heh.

Maybe “Blowfish” just went over casual viewers’ heads as they were impressed that Morris could crack it in just a few seconds and learn that Jack was visiting a US Senator after being accused of murdering a federal witness. I don’t know why writers and producers don’t just make up names for algorithms and techniques and programs, but it gave me a chuckle — not as deep as seeing Garofalo working for the FBI but a good one nevertheless.


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