Uh Oh…


Following weeks and weeks of intense peer pressure and several hours of backing up files to another computer and defragmenting and other related tasks, I’ve resized my NTFS partition and made about 40 GB worth of room on my Aspire One’s hard drive. That’s out of the 120 GB which was the most available at the time I ordered it. I let out a brief sigh of relief when it fsck’ed okay and rebooted into XP.

I’m still trying to decide if I’m installing Linux or BSD, and which flavor of either. That probably won’t happen until this weekend at the earliest.

So far I’ve run a rawhide version of Fedora (with 2.6.29 that gives me a kerneloops message every boot) and PCLinuxOS, both booted from USB. If I install either of those, I’ll likely try PCLOS because I’m not impressed with KDE 4 (it’s pretty slick but it’s less ready than Fedora is at this point, IMO) and Texstar is conservative and wise enough to not include it in 2009.1; PCLOS will have KDE 4 in the repositories when it’s stable enough, which is as it should be. I’m not exactly jumping for joy about KDE 3, either, but at least it should be a little less work to un-crud. I wish, though, PCLOS had come out with a new MiniMe edition first.

I hope to give Tiny Core a shot on this at some point, too. Don’t be surprised, though, if I end up installing Slackware when all is said and done and then either installing Xfce via slacky or just compiling jwm and/or ratpoison from source (since those are small and I want fewer options in jwm than binary packagers tend to throw in). Gentoo isn’t completely off the radar if I can find the time, but Ubuntu and its derivatives are. Ain’t that ironic? Even with little time to manage software, I still value either doing it myself or going the smaller, more stable/conservative, and finely tuned route.

If I go BSD, it will most likely be NetBSD and I’ll use pkgsrc. Same reasons — a little more time-consuming but damn well worth it.

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