Update: GRUB Fixed but More Issues Remain

I have a list of issues to sort out between PCLinuxOS 2009.1 and my AA1. I’ll edit this entry later with a chart or start a new topic or page with that.

For now, the issue with GRUB is resolved: I was right and it did install to the wrong device — and I didn’t need to look at the install script(s) to verify it because I found elsewhere that my MBR had no bootloader installed. That’s why I freaking HATE automatic installers like that which don’t require the user to contemplate and dictate what he or she is doing, let alone presumes that devices will be the same on reboot.

As it was, I booted from the USB stick which was mounted /dev/sda and my SATA hard drive was installed to as /dev/sdb. GRUB was installed to /dev/sda instead of a $TARGET partition or device; that’s increasingly important with the fact SATA drives are supplanting IDE drives. It would be nice, too, if such scripts explained the options so users can choose between installing GRUB/LILO to MBR versus to partition. I realize some distros, including this one, are designed to take as much guess work out of the equation. PCLOS isn’t alone in this regard — wait until I post my review of another distro in coming days (or, at this rate, weeks).


The “fix” was super easy. I opened PCLOS Control Center (PCC) and selected the “boot” option. I got the above notice when I hit “set up boot system.” Not a big surprise since, as noted last night, I went from the Acer splash screen straight to XP. After setting up GRUB, now I go to a text GRUB menu and can select whatever I want. And now I can remove GRUB from my USB stick (so I can boot something other than this machine’s menu) and use it for something else, like Tiny Core. Yea!

So far I know the following are working with PCLOS: Synaptics touch pad, Acer Crystal Eye webcam, Atheros wifi with WPA2. I’ve not yet tested wired ethernet (never on this thing).

I know I have the following issues to address: blacklisting modules, reducing the number of services that start at boot (made a small dent earlier on that), fixing the audio so the speakers mute when earphones are plugged in, internal mic, wifi LEDs, suspend and hibernation, VGA out, multi-card readers. There’s probably a lot more to do but that’s what comes to mind immediately. And that doesn’t include anything related to apps.

More when I find time to work on this…


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