De-Bloating PCLOS on AA1

I’ve been a lot busier today than I was supposed to be so I didn’t have time to make a bigger dent in the overhead that’s part of a PCLOS install. That didn’t deter me, though, from setting up a very nice and light runlevel 3. Still have a lot left to unbloat, but I’m making a little improvement on a daily basis.

The pay off for my efforts? I’m only using about 50MB at boot into console with ksh as my shell. It’s a bit over double that after startx into ratpoison, starting aterm, and executing free. That sets me up using about 10% of my RAM at the start of a session, which is similar to my old DSL setup on my desktop

This is likely all for naught. If I can get more than a few minutes here and there, I’d really like to install something that gives me a clean slate to buld upon rather a bunch of extraneous stuff for me to remove, shut off, or recompile. Can’t wait to see how screwy things get when I start removing KDE stuff. I’m still considering  FreeBSD and NetBSD, but leaning more towards Slackware-current. Wish I had more time now but morning will be here too soon.

Edited 20090324: Boring screenshot.


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