My Global Blog: Views on Vista

I started another blog a few weeks ago beyond the scope of this one. Originally, I was going to use it for content centered on the Aspire One but decided to make it a more general topics blog — a global blog. Mostly I’ve written about issues related to politics, the economy, and finance. When I’ve had time.

Today I’ve written about my latest experiences with Vista and my opinions of it now that I’ve had a little more time with it. I was never on the hate-Vista bandwagon. That’s because I didn’t have enough time with it to make a reasonable and rational decision.

Let me also reiterate: I’m fairly agnostic about operating systems even though I favor Unix-like systems (discounting OSX, which is an abysmal piece of beast excrement). I don’t think there’s a single solution for everyone and for every need. I also believe very strongly in freedom of choice. That choice includes — not excludes — Microsoft Windows. That’s why I don’t dismiss it out of hand. Many people use it, many people like it. More power to them. More power to those who prefer Unix-like systems.

I’m not a Microsoft fan, but I’m also not a Microsoft hater. They do a lot of things right and they occasionally get something wrong. I think their detractors get a lot more wrong than Microsoft does. That includes groups like FSF who spew lies (and offer an “alternative” operating system such as GNU HURD that after 25 years of development doesn’t and probably won’t in another 25 years suit most users’ needs) as well as nations who’ve sued a company for daring to succeed at the level they have (Linux distros are even more guilty of bundling software than Microsoft is but the EU won’t sue Ubuntu for including a browser or media player or office software in any given release).

I think Microsoft gets a lot of things right with Vista and — from the sound of things since I haven’t tried the betas yet — Windows 7. Whether and how soon they can recover from distorted public perceptions remains to be seen. I’m increasingly impressed with what Microsoft is doing and am seriously considering Windows 7 for my Aspire One. Enough so that I’m willing to reallocate the space taken up by PCLOS to try the new Windows 7 release candidate when it’s available.


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