Netbook Status: Everything on Hold

Not much time to make much progress. Freed up that 4GB of swap space from letting PCLOS set itself up on my free space. I said I might do something kind of extreme/radical. Think I will in my spare time — if I can find any.

Tired of trying to “clean up” stuff and recompiling apps so they fit my own needs (again). No offense to the PCLOS team. I’m sure many people find it quite nice and useful. Binary packaging, though, irritates the hell out of me. For example, I decided to see what would happen if I tried uninstalling all kinds of KDE stuff. It insisted on installing all kinds of Gnome stuff in its place.

No thanks.

So I either have more work ahead of me fiddling with this or I can start over from scratch. Either way, I was hoping to find something (besides Windows) that would work for me with minimal fuss and configuration. I’m still having issues with resuming from suspend, the microphone isn’t working, and the card readers are too much freaking hassle to even mess with right now. It’ll have to wait a couple weeks. Too busy here.


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