PCLOS Card Readers: My Temporary Workaround

Let me preface that my real workaround right now is just using Windows. I’m hardly booting Linux at all, and then it’s only to try to get stuff working right rather than actually using it.

I admittedly have had very little time to work on getting the card readers on my AA1 to work, but the various things I’ve tried have all failed. The end result is most often a complete freeze.

That includes booting with a card inserted in one or even both slots — freeze during boot. I’ve also tried loading the pciehd module from /etc/rc.local and manually. The system freezes if and when there’s a card inserted.

The only way I’ve been able to get pictures from card to computer in Linux on the AA1 is to connect one of my cameras with a USB cable and download them that way. This has worked with digikam in KDE and gtkam elsewhere (ratpoison, jwm). Simple work around but it means I have to have a camera and cable with me to transfer files. Or carry around a USB adapter for the cards. That sucks, though.


I was going to compile a new kernel to see if I could get things resolved that way but PCLOS 2009.1 comes with a version of gcc (4.1.1?) that the kernel doesn’t want to compile with. Rather than screw around with it any more (just not enough time right now), I’ve thrown up my hands. I’m probably going to try a few more distros while waiting for NetBSD 5.0 and seeing how well it handles this hardware; no idea how soon I’ll do anything else because of work and family commitments.

Til then, Windows XP works beautifully.

Things that work perfectly in XP that are still messed up in Linux: card readers, resume from suspend/hibernate (various issues), switching between screen and VGA-out doesn’t work right, speaker doesn’t mute when earphones are inserted in jack, internal microphone doesn’t work at all, function key controls don’t work correctly, and probably more things that aren’t coming to mind immediately. The deal breakers for me right now are the resume and VGA issues because I need to be able to use my projector for presentations. I’d also like to be able to use my cards without going through another device (camera, phone, audio player) or adapter.

Speaking of audio players, we have a couple devices — purchased because they’re ogg-friendly — that use MTP and I’ve been unable to use them under Linux thus far. No, enabling MTP in amarok didn’t help. Not sure if the problem is specific to the distro or what, but, like I keep saying, right now I don’t have time to delve further into it.

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