AA1 – Getting Ready to Install Debian, Boycott antiX and Mepis

One of the things on my Memorial Day weekend to-do list is install Debian 5.01 Xfce/LXDE version. I decided to see if the Fedora LiveUSB Installer would work with other distros. It appears that it does. Here’s a shot showing it as it got rolling.


I’ll  most likely do a basic net install when I wipe out the Linux partitions and start over with them. No time frame for that because things are a bit too hectic with work and life right now.

One footnote. I thought about installing the “Mepis Lite” spin now known as antiX on my Aspire One instead of this version of Debian. I was kind of tipped off by Caitlyn Martin’s comments at Distrowatch about this even though she didn’t get into much detail. The code names of the two most recent versions of antiX, Intifada and Vetëvendosje, conjure images of armed uprising and revolt. While both words have wider general meanings, it seems the project leader of antiX has chosen such provocative names out of his immature, demented political opinions. That’s his right, but it’s also mine to object to that.

The former (and current release) code name is often used to describe the indiscriminate homicidal terrorism movement against Israeli citizens; the latter (and previous release) code name is the name of a radical/extremist Kosovo organization which consists of many former KLA guerillas. Without getting into a drawn out history of both movements and the bloodshed they’ve either instigated or avenged (depends whose version of atrocities you believe — the ethically-sloppy “freedom fighter versus terrorist” argument doesn’t appeal to me so I can’t accept that they’re acceptable equivalents depending whose side you’re on), I’ll just say that these names make it very easy to push aside and say “no thanks” to what appears to be an otherwise decent sub-distro.

You’re known by the company you keep. It’s unfortunate these kinds of names are used under the Mepis umbrella. Open source should be about bringing people together. I think most project and code names are stupid anyway (the hyper-forking of Linux distros only adds to the stupidity with the increasingly weird names chosen for  new distros and sub-distros), but using words of provocation and names of events or  movements that have resulted in tremendous bloodshed for release names is pretty fucking sick. I just want an operating system, not something memorializing crimes against humanity and genocide.

I urge others to avoid antiX and Mepis for the same reason.

UPDATE (23 May 2009 – 2:30pm US/Central): Not a good idea to use the Fedora LiveUSB installer for other distros if you’ve already used it for Fedora since it the bootloader remains Fedora-only. Downloaded and using unetbootin now. The antiX/Mepis boycott is still on.


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