LXDE in Fedora 10 on AA1

I just installed LXDE in Fedora 10. I didn’t think I’d like it, but after a little while poking around I think I do. Except I don’t like my panel on the bottom and I’m not crazy about how much stuff was installed as part of the package. I’ll live with it for now since Fedora 11 will be out next week. Haven’t decided if I’ll go with LXDE, Xfce, Gnome, or KDE. Or if I’ll try something else instead or just go in a different direction. Maybe a certain little distro that uses FLWM now? None of the above? Who knows. Depends how the rest of this week goes.

Here’s my obligatory screenshot. Wallpaper is about 43 kb. (Edit: Forgot to add that I hate the way the LXDE terminal totally ignores my ~/.profile for my shell, which is mksh. I shouldn’t have to run my .profile to get my own settings and my own PS1. This isn’t a problem in Xfce’s terminal, the Gnome terminal, Konsole, aterm, or anything else I’ve ever run. Edit2 – I never did get my .profile to read .mkshrc when logging in even though I set that up.)


I have a bigger post to add tomorrow about more stuff I now have working under Linux on the netbook. And, of course, some of my usual nasty gripes.

Edit: Oops @ the title. It should be Fedora 10.

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