Delay and Site Update

Today was much more hectic than I anticipated so I didn’t get to finish the update on my resolved hardware issues under Linux on my AA1. I’ll try to finish that before this weekend. Most of the text is ready, need to take a couple screenshots, etc. I just need a little time to finish it and get it all together and uploaded. Not sure if I can get it posted by tomorrow, but should have some time Friday.

I also have a post coming soon that takes a look at how people are finding this blog. This interests me because I’ve not done much SEO or whoring this blog with links everywhere I visit. It also didn’t help that I was unable to blog much during those three or four months when I was caring for my family. I won’t give anything away here now, but some of your search terms make me snicker. (Hello to the person searching “dynebolic fucking help.” Nice to see I’m at the top of Google with those words.)

I also was asked a few months ago to do a printable version of the DSL hard drive page. Let me quickly address the future of DSL. DSL is dead; I don’t think John Andrews is going to be able to get it updated/freshened up or maintain development on his own. The old DSL ISOs don’t have expiration dates on them even though DSL is dead and I realize a lot of people continue to use DSL for older hardware. I’ll finish the printable page (PDF) with some revisions and additions by this weekend and get it linked. The PDF link will be on the right side of the home/front page (click on the lucky13 logo at at the top if your search engine brought you to a single entry) in addition to making an entry here and adding a link on the hard drive page itself.

Speaking of the right column, I see I have some broken feeds and links to clean up. I’ll get those straightened out in the coming days. Sorry, I didn’t get some of those messages in elinks.

Finally, I’ll probably have another post or two about what I’ve been doing while I consider running Fedora 11 when it’s released next week, Tiny Core, Slackware, or whatever.

Stay tuned…

UPDATE 28 May 2009 06:15 US/Central: I didn’t run this morning so I had some time to edit a few things. After going through the DSL hard drive guide to get it formatted for the PDF (the old USB stick with the org-mode version is FUBAR so I’m doing this in instead of emacs), I’ve decided to make some serious revisions. I’ll probably get rid of the online version rather than edit in the changes I make. May have more time later but probably will be tomorrow before I get everything finished and posted.


UPDATE: 30 May 2009 12:16 US/Central: Delayed again due to other commitments (work, family, etc.) and wifi problems. Looking at ath5k-related problems and bug reports now to see if it’s software or hardware. This is from dmesg before it gives up:

ath5k phy0: gain calibration timeout (2412MHz)
ath5k phy0: unable to reset hardware: -11

The reason I’m concerned it’s hardware, even though lspci shows the device, is because I was unable to detect any wireless signals in either Linux or Windows. I also thought it might be the router but my network printer is working and I can still connect with other devices through it.

Ironic that I was about to post a lengthy list of what’s working and how well under Linux and then here comes a big problem with something that hadn’t given me any trouble before today. Really pisses me off (now I need to read the fine print to see if I’m still under warranty after installing Linux).

Anyway. I’ll get the stuff mentioned in the original part of this post up ASAP.

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