Brief AA1/Debian Lenny Update 15 June 2009

Short update, longer one soon. Changed “<hidden>” to my network name in the wicd.conf file, removed wifi settings in /etc/network/interfaces. Now everything’s working as it should even though it still seems to take longer to connect in Debian than it did in Fedora 10.

Removed Xfce after booting into it a couple times. Default session is now jwm. Don’t think I mentioned this before but I had to set up my own jwm.session after installing jwm; there was no entry for it in gdm. Still reconfiguring jwm menu (still using default theme). Not as much noticeable difference in RAM use with jwm but definitely reduced CPU load, reduced I/O keeping hard drive noise down, etc. Thinking of removing Gnome and gdm, booting straight into console.

I have more to learn about mtpfs. Successfully mounted my S3 but I couldn’t do any file manipulation. In shell, none of the standard commands would tab-complete. Haven’t even opened rhythmbox to make sure mtp is working in it.

Still haven’t figured out what the problem is with the webcam. I can see live video via mplayer and luvcview. Fine. Now let me stream and/or capture. Got messages about not being able to connect to v4l /v4l2 when trying camorama and vlc and ffmpeg. Going to try again when I have more time.

Next update will be on a status page to show what’s working or not working. I’ll get that set up after I post this (now linked on the top in the right column). I’ll fill in the page as I have time.


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