Debian-AA1 Update: Reducing Resource Drain

Making a few dents in the time it takes to boot and reducing the initial drain on resources in Debian Lenny. Changed inittab to start in runlevel 3, shutting off some services that I either don’t need or can start later. I still have cups loading at boot. Not to mention wicd.


I’m reconsidering wicd because it’s kind of a resource hog. Getting the following from ps aux (starting at CPU%):

0.8  0.5  18516  5776 ?        S    09:17   0:06 python /usr/share/wicd/
0.3  0.5   9132  5396 ?        S    09:17   0:02 python /usr/share/wicd/
0.2  1.3  25428 13428 tty1     S    09:17   0:01 python /usr/share/wicd/

I may mess around with scripting wifi later so I can connect to different networks via a menu after booting, much like I’ve done with my old laptop for OpenBSD. That’s secondary to getting the webcam to function correctly under Skype and other apps (so I can record video and audio in sync), and making other changes like getting rid of Gnome.

Against my better judgment, I also may end up doing a clean reinstall of the base and then apt-get’ing just the packages I actually want. If I move to Sid as I’m now considering, I may just go ahead and install Fedora 11 (via net install) or something else (Slackware — so I have all the headers I’ll need and can build to suit my own tastes) instead. The more work I have to do to get things working or even working the way I want them to work, the more all the options I was trying to avoid — Gentoo, Slackware (the easiest of this bunch, IMO), Arch, TinyCore — become a lot more sensible and viable. Probably won’t do anything like that until at least this weekend (stuck at home with what feels like flu). Going to see if I can get this a bit tighter as I have time until then.


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