Debian-AA1 Update: Upgraded to Sid

13:24 – 18 Jun 2009

I did a few boots of other distros from USB yesterday between naps (got flu). Some of these were very bleeding edge. I decided I was going to have to bite the bullet and run a system more on the bleeding edge than I really want to get this working the way I want. Wish I could find a happy compromise but too much of my stuff’s not working (the way I think it should) yet.

Does it matter which distros I tried? The one that impressed me most was opensuse-kde. Alas, it uses so much RAM from USB that I’d never install it on a hard drive. I also liked the Xfce (more RAM than Xubuntu from stick!) and LXDE versions of Fedora 11. Maybe I could trim Fedora-Xfce down to usable size. Hmmm.

Among the things I was able to get working better than under Debian-Lenny were the webcam (no surprise) and libmtp (for my Samsung S3). In fact, Amarok in opensuse recognized my Samsung S3 as soon as I plugged it in.

Rather than going through the hassle of backing up and starting from scratch with yet another distro, I looked over the list of updates in Sid and decided I’d give it a try. Against my better judgment. I don’t know — I just don’t care to be a guinea pig. There’s a reason it’s called “testing” and “unstable.” I want tested, stable.

I’m writing this part as I’m about a third of the way through downloading updates and, just like the install the other day, it’s going to take a while. Doesn’t help I’m doing this in middle of the day (still fighting flu so I’m about to nap again) and the mirror is fucking slow anyway.

Maybe I should’ve removed gnome first.

I forgot to add a few days ago that I removed zile and installed mg instead. Both are small emacs-like editors. They’re about the same size and work very similarly, so the most substantive difference is licenses: zile is GNU, mg is BSD (and maintained by OpenBSD). I need to edit my .jwmrc to unclobber the alt key (IIRC, the setting for nextstacked is fucked up).

More later when this thing is upgraded.

16:25 – 18 Jun 2009

Now through downloading 902 of 980 files. Progress! Should be able to boot in the next hour. Or two. Depends when I wake up from my next nap. Or if I take one. Getting sick in the summer really sucks.

17:32 – 18 Jun 2009

Rebooted because I went ahead and installed the Sid kernel so I can stay tied to the regular repositories. I’d already verified beforehand that I was now at “squeeze/sid” on my AA1.

First app test: FAIL. Started rhythmbox, plugged in S3. WTF happened to rhythmbox? It just disappeared. Let’s leave S3 plugged in and run from terminal and see.

% rhythmbox                                                                    

(rhythmbox:xxxx): Rhythmbox-WARNING **: Unable to grab media player keys: Could not get owner of name 'org.gnome.SettingsDaemon': no such name
Segmentation fault

Whoops. See why lucky hates being on the bleeding edge just to have a big-version-number? Fuck. At least mtp-tools seem to be working. Now I won’t feel so bad about removing Gnome (should’ve done it before upgrading). I’ll have to mess with this later to see if it’s fixable or if I need to file a bug report.

FWIW, here’s the “after” shot to show initial hit after starting X (see previous entries for “before” shots):


This is my 17kb wallpaper (bloated 1024×600 netbook size). Might tweak .jwmrc to match it. That’ll have to wait and I’ll also test more of these shiny new bigger-version-number apps tomorrow to see what else won’t work. My fever’s back up and I’m wiped out now.

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