Another AA1 Update – 21 June 2009

A few post-install and mid-configure notes before I turn in. I hate Pulse Audio. I have playback working reasonably well (albeit kind of low compared to everything else); recording/capturing from microphone is a different story. I’ll mess with it tomorrow and see if I can get it working the way it was before.

I decided to see what other small window managers are available in the repositories. No jwm. I saw icewm and lxde and openbox. None of those is really my cuppa. They do have ratpoison. I didn’t install it yet. Instead, the alternative “light” window manager I installed is fluxbox.

I don’t dislike fluxbox, it just seems a bit clumsy to find an open space to click to get a menu. That’s especially true on a small display like the AA1. I may end up compiling jwm or just installing ratpoison.

One thing I dislike about some desktop-centric distros is that “important” processes are tied to X, which means restarting or losing them if you switch sessions. In Fedora, that includes the network manager applet. I had to run nm-applet in fluxbox to get my wireless connection back. I’ll see if find a way to free it from the shackles of any particular X session so my connection persists independently.

More tomorrow. Hopefully.


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