AA1 Wireless Problem Strikes Again

I’d written a few weeks ago that I was having wireless issues. This started under Fedora and I eventually narrowed it down from bug reports and other blogs to problems with the ath5k driver following resume from suspend (which I’d been doing repeatedly over the course of a week).

The issue wasn’t confined to Linux. When rebooting into XP, I’d continue having problems finding any SSID at all. In fact, the Windows wireless dialog hinted that I might need to enable my wireless card even though I hadn’t disabled it at all. I couldn’t find my SSID or any of the others around me.

Well, it happened again while ago. I logged out of ratpoison to test something (which resulted in losing my connection because of the BS I mentioned in the previous two entries about services being child processes of X rather than starting independently), logged back in and saw from iwconfig that my SSID had changed. I tried to correct it to no avail. In my normal user account it showed I was connected to an unencrypted SSID; as root it showed the right SSID. Then I totally lost all connections and had no wireless. Nada.

So I reset my router to see if that was the problem. Rebooted to start XP to see if that was messed up as well. It was.

What’s really weird is how I’ve been able to get wireless working again both times this has happened. Both times the problems started in Linux (never any issue in XP) and persisted when I rebooted into XP. Because my security suite tries to update, the loss of wireless really bogs everything down. Each time I’ve closed the lid, which eventually suspends to RAM. Both times when I’ve resumed, that wireless LED has been glowing.

Not sure what the problem is. Or why this “solves” it. It’s disconcerting, though, that this has happened again while using Fedora — and without suspending to RAM this time around.

I’ll search to see if I can find out more later to see if it’s something that can be resolved or if possibly there’s something wrong with my wireless card beyond the operating systems.


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