Dumb Idea: ratpoison with lxpanel

Dumb idea of the day: I set up lxpanel in ratpoison. What an eyesore.


The panel itself doesn’t use up much resources, but those silly little applets do. First to go after these screenshots was the CPU monitor one.


I’m giving up 1024×24 pixels. Guess the coolest thing is the menu works. The rest of it is kind of stupid, IMO. I just removed useless crap like the showdesktop button, task tray, etc., and it looks even more retarded since everything had to slide all the way to the left. I’ll fix that and see what I can do to make it behave better and actually serve a more useful purpose than adding a Web-2.0 shiny bar across my screen with a menu button and application icons and applets that suck up CPU cycles and clog RAM. Can this panel operate with keystrokes to get to the menu — under ratpoison? Bet not.

Anyway, I changed my .ratpoisonrc to pad the top 24 pixels for the panel (the default for the panel was 26 pixels but I reduced that by 2; I set the panel on top rather than bottom) and added an unmanage line (lxpanel’s window name is “panel”):

unmanage panel
set border 0
set padding 0 24 0 0

Then restart ratpoison (ctrl-<escape sequence>: restart) and voila, I’ve lost a few pixels for a shiny freaking panel on a cool window manager that doesn’t really need (or want) one.

UPDATED 11:34 US/Central – After removing some stuff and realizing the alpha/opacity settings in the configuration dialog for lxpanel weren’t working right, I threw caution to the wind and ignored the advice of the developers to not manually edit it. Now have a panel I might be able to live with if I really wanted one. Solid color, clock moved over (thanks to a 887 pixel <space> setting!).


I still think it’s a waste because it requires use of a mouse to do anything. Maybe I can bind its menu to something so I don’t have to use a mouse to get to it. Don’t know. Don’t care. I think something like Ion3 or dwm which have a place for collecting/tabbing window title bars makes more sense than using a panel like this in ratpoison. But if I ever use oroborus again, I’ll keep this thing in mind — probably a better (low-resource) combination than using it with OpenBox.


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