Adios Gnome

I went ahead and committed to some changes on my Fedora 10 installation on my AA1 this evening. Gone are a lot of Gnome things — thirty-three packages so far including metacity, cheese (POS), istanbul (I’ll figure out something else, maybe), and a whole lot of stuff that I can live without. That includes rhythmbox. I can live with the mtp-tools since either way I have much less control over the device’s (Samsung S3) directory hierarchy than in Windows.

Since gdm was among the cruft deleted, I now boot into runlevel 3; I’m still at about 100 MB of RAM at boot but I think I can get that down a bit more. As I suspected, booting into gdm really slows things down. I’m not running any legit benchmarks but the time to a login prompt is faster.

I also edited my networking to start at boot rather than in X so now I won’t lose a connection just because I’m not running X or switching window managers. That annoyed the hell out of me — start something like music streams or downloads in screen, detach to switch window managers, lose wifi, lose everything related to networking. Not that wifi has exactly proven stable under Fedora.

Speaking of window managers, ratpoison is my new default window manager. Surprised? I also added terminus fonts and other cool stuff.

I also know I have more crap to get rid of because I wasn’t too aggressive; I see a lot that can go now that I’m looking at my installed list. I really don’t think I’ll need compiz for ratpoison. I also still have lxpanel installed even though I’m very sure I’ll never set it up with ratpoison again. I also saw apps like evolution and pidgin I’m unlikely to ever use  on this.

More tomorrow if I get time.

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