Update 20090701

No big news Linux-wise on my AA1. I’ve removed a few more things after tossing a lot of Gnome-related stuff last weekend. I didn’t measure how much space I recovered from the bloatware but I started keeping track of what I deleted after that. Here’s a summary (asterisk denotes things I added and removed):

 kernel (         50 M     original kernel, now on third update
 pidgin                       2.4 M     default
 libpurple                     22 M     holy fuck, 22MB?? is that needed for finch?!
 compiz                       974 k     compiss? wtf?
 compiz-fusion                5.0 M     compiss? wtf?
 compiz-fusion-gnome          1.7 M     compiss? wtf?
*emelfm2                      1.7 M     preferred to nautilus (now using dired and shell)
*lxpanel                      595 k     dumb idea, now considering using dzen
 evolution                     38 M     holy shit, over 50MB for email??
 evolution-data-server         11 M
 evolution-perl               7.6 k
 evolution-webcal             338 k
 bug-buddy                    2.3 M     why does this need evolution?
 nautilus-sendto              413 k
 totem-pl-parser              962 k     another MB saved
*pekwm                        817 k     fluxbox is better
 goffice04                    3.5 M     had already removed abiword
 libabiword                    22 M     abiword is not small
 httpd                        2.7 M     no need for apache, nginx for testing http
 httpd-tools                  129 k
 gnome-user-share             256 k     gnome-no-user-here
 nano                         1.4 M     waste of space - {vi,emacs} rules!
*zile                         217 k     broken commands?
 gok                          9.3 M     no-gnome-no-voice
 b43-fwcutter                  19 k     misc firmware i don't need
 bcm43xx-fwcutter              62 k
 ipw2100-firmware             604 k
 ipw2200-firmware             563 k
 iwl3945-firmware             446 k
 iwl4965-firmware             373 k
 iwl5000-firmware             344 k
 japanese-bitmap-fonts         26 M     greek to me

Note I’ve removed four things I installed. I didn’t like having to set up nautilus to work the way I wanted it to so I installed emelfm2; I prefer two-pane managers like that, mc, vifm, etc. I decided I didn’t need emelfm2 anymore (or zile) when I decided to install emacs (which has its own file manager, a mode called dired). I didn’t know if lxpanel would work well with ratpoison or not. I didn’t like it. From my remark next to pekwm, you can see that I wasn’t blown away.

I’m using emacs for as much as I possibly can and trying to get even more out of it. That includes everything from file management (as noted above) to e-mail (mew) to IRC (erc) to editing. I still prefer vim; viper mode is okay but I’m mostly using the convoluted emacs strokes. BTW, my ratpoison escape sequence is C-space which conflicts with emacs’ set mark; C-@ does the same thing. I may rebind to something else in ratpoison.


Things that have surprised me include the size of all the stuff related to evolution, pidgin, etc. I didn’t notice gok until I played around with festival, which appears to be broken (but text2wave works so I’m keeping it a while) — not sure if it’s broken from having removed pulseaudio or more permission-related problems or what.

I’m on my third updated kernel now. I only removed the original, still have the previous update installed. (I’m running my updates manually. I may set that up in at since I’m using Linux only sporadically right now.)


I haven’t diligently gone through my installed-list to see what else I can remove so there’s probably more stuff that can go.

I’m considering adding X headers so I can compile dmenu, jwm, and/or dzen. No hurries because the rest of my week is going to be hectic before the holiday. I probably won’t bother because I have all I want/need for now.

I also see that PCLOS 2009.2 is out and the roadmap for 2009.3, particularly updating the kernel and GCC, interest me. So, too, does the fact the distro is centralizing the releases of KDE, Gnome, Xfce versions. Also in the works are LXDE and e17 versions. Why not a ratpoison version, you haters?

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