Fedora 10 on AA1: Configuring Skype, Using Fluxbox

Using fluxbox in Fedora 10 today. Mainly because I was working on Skype settings between conference calls and writing reports, and Skype is one of those nasty little apps that opens up multiple little windows which ratpoison manages individually. I haven’t had good luck using tmpwm in ratpoison, and I wouldn’t want to do that just to go back and forth to Skype.


I’m also running NetworkManager (and nm-applet) again today while I test something else out. I’m likely removing that altogether ASAP and trying something different and easier to manually configure. I hate having networking spawned as a child process within X. It’s no problem as long as you’re in X but it has to be restarted if you break your X session for any reason. I saw a few options (not wicd — I want something lower resource but still able to choose between certain networks and blacklist others) so I may play around when I have more time and see if I can find something manageable and fairly flexible. Or no?

I had Skype working before I scrapped everything and installed Debian. I had to go through every setting again to remember what I did before, and then I realized Skype’s setting was still stuck on “Let Skype Adjust Your Audio.” Oh no. I got it all fixed when I stopped letting Skype fight me. Skype should be easier to set up without pulseaudio since it uses alsa anyway; IIRC, I had an easier time setting it up before even though I didn’t remove pulseaudio the first time I set up Fedora 10. BTW, I used alsamixer this time to adjust my audio settings.

I know Skype isn’t open source. So what. Not everything is or can be. I don’t have a problem with it. If someone could come up with a legitimate cross-platform open source application that works as well and (in most cases) easily, I’d use it. Right now Linux has no video conferencing software compatible with AIM let alone multi-platform so Skype it is. If there’s an argument against Skype being closed source it means that it can’t be re-written to use only one window. But the same argument is pretty much true of open source software like GIMP which also opens too many windows rather than operating within one.

I’ve also noticed one of those quirks between Linux and Windows. The space just to the right of the Synaptics touchpad gets pretty hot. That’s right above where the wifi card is located. I wonder if that’s why it’s gone wonky on me a couple times before. I haven’t noticed it getting this hot before in Windows. Who knows.

I’ve written before that I’m not a big fan of fluxbox. It works which is all that matters to me. I think I still prefer jwm because it’s more utilitarian and fairly easy to configure. I’ll see if I can get around to binding more keystrokes for things; I’d like to ditch the redundant title bars on the windows, too, and open (most) things maximized.

Okay, back to work. I have a lot of stuff to edit tonight.

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