Little fluxbox tweaks

Nothing fancy. I edited a theme — bora_black — so that it’s flat and uses terminus font instead of sans. Maybe I’ll adjust colors some time soon. I’ve also been messing around with setting up fluxbox to act a bit more like ratpoison or dwm. For now, that means apps which I like opened full screen (which is just about everything except GIMP and Skype) are set to do that. They’re also opening without title bars. I think title bars are a waste of space when running things maximized.


What’s not to love about screen and emacs? Works the same regardless of window manager. At least the iconbar updates as I switch between things in screen.

I kind of like the way fluxbox is working set up like this but not as much as I like ratpoison. I have more stuff set up to operate via keybindings, including the menu. The menu is so spartan than I’m pretty much opening things via fbrun. I’ll get around to filling it in sooner or later. I’m also looking through the fluxbox documentation to see how much more I can do with it to keep it out of my way.

One thing I wish it had is tabbing, which I remember from the old version in DSL. See, sometimes the bigger version number isn’t necessarily better.

That’s it for today. And maybe for the weekend. Happy Fourth!

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