Update 20090708 pm: More CrunchBang

Posting this while running crunchbang from USB. I have to admit I’m pretty impressed so far. It boots up with a minimalist look. It has a decent variety of default applications. Even the conkyrc is set up with a list of default keybindings so the user doesn’t have to click anything to get a menu or open an application. Nice touch.

I made a few tweaks, starting with “xsetroot -solid darkslategrey” and then moving conky down a few pixels so the tint2 bar (full width) could be  moved up.


I like the idea of sticking configuration files for things in the menu. I did similarly in some of my old jwm menus so I could change  things more easily when setting up themes and such. Another nice touch.

I also noticed when I logged out that dwm and dmenu are installed. The one thing I didn’t care for was the sound effect with gdm.

As I’ve mentioned before, some of the apps aren’t exactly my first choices. That’s fine. A few minutes with aptitude and everything should be okay. I just made a list of packages to sort through and see what I might want to change around. One thing I just tested and think I can toss is rhythmbox. It didn’t detect my S3 after I enabled the MTP plugin. I see libmtp is installed but not mtp-tools. No surprises in any of that.

As far as hardware goes, the Synaptics touch pad works fine and I’m not seeing any problems with the wireless card yet. The problem with that is, it occurs sporadically and (seemingly) spontaneously.

Eight hours ago I wouldn’t have thought I’d install this. Now I’m trying to figure out reasons — other than it’s based on Ubuntu — not to.


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