Update 20090709: crunchbang uptime over nine hours

I left #! running overnight to see if I’d get any signs that my wifi would start flaking out. With about nine and a half hours of uptime, the only thing in dmesg was one “unsupported jumbo” notice. Sweet.

On the other hand, I checked free before I went to bed and again when I woke up and RAM use had increased significantly — from about 490MB to 820MB. That’s with nothing else but the default desktop and wireless running. I’d expect a little increase from logging, etc., but that seems a bit steep. Might be able to monitor that better this weekend and see what’s happening and if it’s worth any concern.

Despite that (and I’m not going to take off points until I know there’s a real problem or if it’s a price of running from USB without swap — no LVM support?), my impressions are pretty much favorable. Can’t believe I’m saying that about anything built on Ubuntu. Go figure.


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