crunchbang – More JWM Screenshots

Here are a couple more screenshots. New shell is mksh. Added a few more entries to .jwmrc and also uncommented the Debian part of the default menu. I also moved the <Dock/> tag down so there’s not that big empty space between the applets and clock (compare this emacs shot to the next two).


Remembered to get “free -mt” after a reboot.


I also took the openbox keybindings out of the .conkyrc and added in the other mount points I want to see. I’ll probably set up something like xbindkeys so my keybindings are the same regardless of which window manager I use.


That’s it. I have some reports to finish so I can call it a day. Tomorrow I’ll probably start pruning some of the things from my list last night and see what I can do to keep NetworkManager — or whatever alternative I can find — from associating with any other AP before it connects to mine. I also need to see if I can find out what the problem is with libmto and mtp-tools and my S3; it’s not being detected at all under #! right now.

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