Update 20090710 am – trivial pursuits

I’m running later this morning (broad daylight for a change) so I have some time to poke around more with crunchbang.


Fiddling around with wallpaper and app settings and checking out overlap between apps and their features to see what can stay or go; btw, that wallpaper didn’t last long. I don’t think this terminator thing is for me running through python like this. That’s overkill and I don’t see what it offers that something lighter like mrxvt wouldn’t. I installed aterm and it uses about a quarter of the RAM of the instance of terminator running through python — which I’m sure pales in comparison to anything else it possibly requires (thinking gnome-this or gnome-that) that aterm doesn’t.

I’ve also lightened the load of services at boot. I’m still showing over 200MB in use at boot with free -mt; conky and htop report only the much lower cache amount. I’ll take a closer look later, and might also get around to removing some of the stuff on that list from last night.


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