coming attraction: jwmrc for crunchbang

Had a little time and converted the default #! openbox menu into something to suit jwm’s XML conventions (really fast in emacs; don’t try this in gedit, boys and girls). I’ll post the full jwmrc tomorrow when I put it all together with the other things #! handles separately, maybe with a similar color scheme (screenshot shows a work-in-progress). I’d post what I have now but I still need to edit the jwm keybindings to match the ones #! uses in openbox.


Beyond that, I didn’t do much else except fill in my own menu a bit (which is why I even bothered converting the openbox menu) and setting up a few things the way I want them. My own menu is nothing like the openbox one. Since I still get a lot of hits for ratpoison, ratmen(u), jwmrc, and jwm themes, maybe I’ll also post mine tomorrow.

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