Fiddling with emacs and ratmenu

I’ve been setting up some things for emacs and my window managers this morning. First, I got all my .emacs files together (the ones currently in use plus the backups I could find) and unified as much as possible. Then I set up weblogger.el on my AA1 (sorry to those whose RSS readers got broken links after I removed my test entries). Think it’s working better now. Either that or I’ll get pwnt soon.

I also worked on ratmenu-ing this morning. There’s really no difference between it and ratmen in terms of execution, but ratmen wasn’t available in the repositories so ratmenu it is. I put together a few menus I can launch from within jwm or ratpoison (which I finally installed while ago). I also made a cheatsheet I can get from the jwm menu to remind me of the ratmenu bindings and the keys for reconfiguring jwm to match the openbox bindings from #!. I need to edit it for the rest I set up and probably add  some of the other cryptic bindings I did.


The “audio” menu is my favorite. I’ll explain when I post my jwmrc. I should have time to finish editing the #! jwmrc later today and will post ASAP in case anyone’s interested in one that will allow a (hopefully) seamless transition from openbox to jwm, which is much lighter and has most, if not all, the parts used in the default #! desktop.

Also on my to-do list at some point is hitting the wikis and figuring out how to silence the fucking fan on this thing. I don’t remember it running non-stop in Fedora or PCLOS. I know it doesn’t in Windows.

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