oh no not again

Suspended the AA1 while running crunchbang when I left to work out. Got back, checked to resume before taking a shower. Network not connected, which is as it should be when the system suspends. I’d added a script to put more network stats in conky and noticed the SSID was listed as that lone unencrypted AP in my neighborhood and not mine. Again, I kind of expected that because it’s been associating with that AP before trying my hidden SSID even though I don’t think it should (ever) do that.

Waited, waited, waited. Nothing.

Opened terminal. Did a quick iwconfig and iwlist. I then saw that wlan0 couldn’t scan, which is what had been happening with the old kernel under Fedora.

Fuck. Not again.

So I rebooted into #!. No network, same SSID (not mine), etc. Checked iwlist again. No scanning.

(Edit to add screenshot. ImageMagick didn’t capture the space where conky was behind terminator for some reason. That SSID isn’t mine, it’s the one some idiot turned on without changing any default settings or turning on encryption.)


Fuck. Not again. How fucking dare it do this.

Back in Windows now after more issues which persisted — again — even after using Linux. That’s right — once again the “problem” persisted a reboot in Linux and after booting into Windows. It’s done that every goddamn time I’ve gone through this shit. The card works fine under Windows in every other circumstance. Zero problems before I ever ran Linux on it, zero while suspending and resuming all fucking day and night long for weeks at a time when not dealing with Linux.

When I first booted into Windows this time, I couldn’t see any SSIDs. I also couldn’t do anything because it locks up while trying to connect to network printers, to check security software updates, etc.

The solution is the same as before and I don’t know why the hell this works under Windows but not under Linux, let alone why the problem continues from one operating system to another. I suspended in Windows, waited for all the stuff to come to a stop, then opened the netbook, resumed. Voila, the beautiful orange-ish wireless LED once again fired immediately upon resume and I’m again able to use this wireless card.

And before anyone suggests I add lines to various files in /etc to restart wireless  when resuming, that didn’t help before. I also don’t see how it could possibly help now, either, considering I couldn’t fucking scan for any SSID by the time I could even open a terminal.

I just wasted another half an hour of my life trying to deal with this bullshit once again.

Maybe that should be my clue to be done with it and use what actually works correctly.

I’ll get around to editing everything I said I would later, if I decide to boot back into #! today. I’ll edit this post to add screenshots if or whenever I do.


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