Update 20090713 am – Miscellaneous

I didn’t boot back into #! until late last night. I’ll try to edit the jwmrc later. I’ll add screenshots to the previous entry momentarily.

I still get a ton of hits for DSL-related things. I see in the search engine terms for today that I already have someone looking for how to use DSL to install Debian. Don’t! I can’t believe people still think they can do this but it’s not a jumpstart to a small Debian system. Go read my hard drive install page linked up in the top right-hand corner on my blog (click on the banner to to “home” if you’ve landed here and the links in the right column aren’t visible).

In a nutshell, DSL was based on an old version of Knoppix which was based on a now-deprecated version of Debian. Debian no longer offers any support for that version (which was called Woody). You cannot do a dist-upgrade from DSL to Debian-stable without breaking every freaking thing in the system.

You can still use DSL as it is but it appears development has ended. I haven’t seen if John Andrews has posted a roadmap or even announced what he’s doing development-wise.

If you want a small-ish Debian system, the best idea I’ve seen is Kerry’s which he’s posted in various forums including at DSL, IIRC. I searched and found it at the Ubuntu forums again just now. You can use that with any net-install-able distro like Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, etc. The BSDs require a bit more work but also can be used to create lighter systems. Etc. If your computer can run Slitaz or a POS distro like Puppy, you can run Tiny Core and build a light system, too.

I’m still a bit anxious about how this Atheros card is performing under Linux. I’d hoped the more recent kernel in #! would resolve the matter. I’d suspended and resumed a few times to see if it would flake out on me, but what happened yesterday was the longest time it had been suspended while running #!.

I’m also noticing that my transfer rate is swinging wildly from 1 mb/s to 54 mb/s. I’m going to have to delve through more bug reports and see wtf is happening. I knew the other stuff I’d experienced with older (and apparently not patched as much as I thought) kernels was a known issue. I haven’t looked to see if any other reports have been filed since the big re-write. I compared my signal using my old ThinkPad which uses a Broadcom card and the wireless signal strength, transfer rate, etc., seems more stable with it.

I also need to double check my warranty. I know it’s supposed to be one year but I don’t remember the fine print to see how nitpicky it is. If it’s voided, I may bust this thing up and find another card.

(Edit: Signal strength and rate isn’t an issue in Windows, only in Linux. I likely won’t change the card unless I decide against upgrading to Windows 7.)

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