ratpoison on crunchbang

Few changes to crunchbang. Removed gnumeric and abiword, installed OpenOffice.org. Added ratpoison and a few other things. Set up trayer to collect various icons for applets and other stuff on the right (–width 200 should be big enough) and put conky on the left. Still have a few things to do to get it the way I want, including changing the font/color in .conky-rp.


Busy day tomorrow, probably won’t finish/post the #! jwmrc until this weekend.

UPDATE 20090716 @ 12:50 US/Central

Had a few minutes at lunch to tweak conky and my ratmenus. I think I can get that top part of the screen with conky/trayer down to about 16 pixels. May try that later or tomorrow.


Back to the grindstone.

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