crunchbang jwmrc, ratpoison screenshot, terminals, etc.

I’ve tried three times to post the #! jwmrc but the XML tags render it unreadable. If anyone wants it, just leave a comment and I’ll e-mail it or post it at a forum or something. I’m not using jwm much right now but I have the full #! menu jwm-ized sans the keybindings. I didn’t bother doing the keybindings after all, or change the colors much, because those are all personal preferences.

I really like the way I have this thing configured right now in ratpoison, with the exceptions of Skype and gimp. Not much I can do about that short of filing bug reports for each: “doesn’t open in single window mode.”

What’s this? I see conky plus trayer across the top, screen opened in the emacs terminal instance with my .ratpoisonrc.


I set the wallpaper (12kb with intentionally crappy gradients) using nitrogen to see how bad it would look under terminator and if I could still read my stuff in screen. I’m back to using terminator at least for the time being; font rendering in the version of aterm, especially under screen, I downloaded is fucking hideous so that’s another thing to recompile at some point. I usually use a solid background but I noticed when I set aterm to transparent and had an image for the background that the colors were totally distorted, as if I had the wrong resolution set or something. So now my .Xdefaults has transparency off for aterm. One of the things I really fucking hate about terminator — other than being wrapped in python — is that certain combinations of keystrokes are used to control opening and splitting “tabbed” terminals. I’ve tried tabbed terminals before and don’t understand the need for them when you have better tools like screen available.

Invisible: mocp, conkeror, various files and modes in emacs.

That’s it for now. Time to hit the gym.

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