Site News and Updated Packages

I set up a page (linked within My Aspire One Page) to track changes in packages I’m using or building. I’m off my feet for a few days nursing an injury so I should have more time this weekend to rebuild a few more things that have been aggravating me and to work on a few more things (like wifiroamd which I built this morning but don’t have time to set up). Depends how much I have to catch up at work since I’m taking off at least today.

I think I’m done with the aesthetics of the site for a while. I’m not so crazy about it but I wanted something a little more interesting than black text on white background but still clear and legible. I wanted a grey and blue or even black and blue theme but didn’t find one that appealed to me. Doesn’t look any different to me in elinks. I’m going to try to add more multimedia content (like video tutorials) but no time frame or immediate plans. Don’t worry, I won’t clutter the world with yet another Linux-related podcast. There are enough already and I don’t think I have any more (or less?) to add than what’s already available.

Finally, I also may merge my other two blogs into this one. I need to see if/how I can do that or if it’s not as easy as merely exporting them to files and importing them in here.


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