Adios NetworkManager

Tonight I finally got pissed off enough about losing wifi when not in X to ditch NetworkManager. Maybe, in an odd way, I’m kind of like Cheech and Chong when they “borrowed” a neighbor’s car and found its automatic transmission too complicated, but I find NM way more hassle than it’s worth. Probably brought to you by the same people who are simplifying audio with PulseAudio. I don’t get it, but I never had a problem with the “old” and “complicated” way. Then again, I actually read the fucking manual.

I haven’t installed wifiroamd yet because I’m not doing much roaming until my ankle heals. It’s easier with one network to deal with (just one wpa_supplicant configuration to set up) but that’ll change and I’ll have a couple more networks to set up. I may just use a series of scripts like I did when I was using OpenBSD on my other laptop — select an option for where I am, connect to whichever AP however I need to as needed rather than automatically connecting and potentially waiting a while to connect to multiple APs. I don’t know if wifiroamd is a better solution for that or if it’ll act like a desperate hooker trying to pick up any signal it can get while it ignores my own (see next paragraph).

In addition to being able to stream audio while in console (I have such odd tastes, eh), I noticed I’m finally below 140MB actual RAM after startx. I also noticed that there was none of the bullshit I’ve written about with associating with other APs before even getting to mine, which is the only one it should associate with. I know a lot of people don’t think twice about piggybacking but no wireless manager application should allow it by default — I think that kind of thing should require a user to choose an “any AP” setting or otherwise interact to allow it after searching high and low for a trusted AP.

I still can’t get over how many distros tie wifi to X by default now even though Linux distros are oriented for boxes and dials to set things up. I’m not really inclined to say this kind of thing because I try to stay open-minded about other systems, but that’s so Windows. Bunch of wussies.

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