20090731 – Pseudo-Update ion3 Wireless Blah Blah

It’s not much. Just ratmenu in ion3 with a few minor interface changes.


I added some aliases to help control mocp from terminal. Those work better than ratmen(u) in ion3 even though I’m not opposed to using my ratmenus set up for single apps like this but it’s kind of awkward. I might try something different this weekend.

I’d noticed that my statusbar wasn’t diplaying any systray icons so I went ahead and set that setting to false. I also set up the statusbar to take up the whole area (fullsize). Like it makes a big difference.

Finally, I’ve resolved the “issue” of my AA1 first associating with a neighbor’s AP before eventually connecting with mine. By setting my wireless up with a single configuration via wpa_supplicant I no longer am scanning/polling for APs, which is one of the things NetworkManager, wicd, and wifiroamd do. Since I don’t like that — I think these things should go through a whitelist of APs first before ever associating with anything else — I’m going to remove NetworkManager and not install wifiroamd (which, the more I look into it, seems the most promiscuous of the bunch).

One thing that hasn’t been cured by a new kernel or by any other changes is the race condition my Atheros card periodically goes through. It did it again this morning, suddenly and without warning. This is really frustrating because it happens irregularly, capriciously, so that I can’t pin it on one thing like suspend or using a particular application. I don’t know if it’s an issue with the driver, with WPA, a combination of those two things, or something else. I really want this to work correctly, and I don’t consider sudden loss of wireless signal and loss of detecting the card at all “correct” operation.

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