MicroCore on AA1

I’ll have a much longer entry to post from within emacs when I’m good and ready, but I’ve installed MicroCore 2.2 on my AA1. I really should’ve done this a long time ago and never fucked around with all the bloatware I’ve tried on this because no matter how much I’ve wanted drama-free “everything just works” stuff, it’s been anything but that. I still have my now pseudo-crunchbang/un-buntu stuff on here, and I’m not sure if I’ll leave it or clear my / partition for a persistent /opt or whatever (too big for that). At least if/until I wipe everything and install Windows 7 towards the end of October. Same f’ing ath5k driver, so I’m sure I’ll have the same f’ing ath5k problems I always have. Please prove me wrong.

A few cool things:

  • Boot time was so friggin’ fast that I literally turned for a second to get something to drink after hitting enter in my GRUB menu and had a prompt waiting for me when I looked back at the AA1’s screen. Good job, curaga and anyone else who deserves credit.
  • Even after setting up wireless and running elinks, I don’t think I ever went over 100MB of RAM in use.
  • No X! That means you don’t get screenshots unless I find/compile something that does console grabs.

As I wrote above, I’ll have another entry shortly (hopefully) with more details, more detailed impressions, why I’m using MicroCore instead of TinyCore, and what I’m going to do with it.



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