Misc Update 20090806 – TinyCore Audio Fun

Just had a little more time to boot into TinyCore.There’s nothing wrong with the screenshots. TinyCore’s tiny X server only does standard VESA resolutions and netbooks have this odd 1024×600. What you see is 1024×768. You have several options for full X if seeing 1024×768 crushed into 1024x6oo is too off-putting. I only had a few minutes so it’s not life-threatening.

This time I decided to play with audio. I’d used the OSS extension before and this time I wanted to set up ALSA instead. No problems. Loaded the modules and dependencies, ran alsaconf to set up my card, and preliminarily checked settings with alsamixer.


I set up my usual mplayer-pls script to run from ~/bin. Then I went to shoutcast, found a stream, clicked on the link, aterm opened and the cache filled, then I heard Iron Maiden. Perfect!


Then I tried a few more streams to make sure everything was correct (of course it was). One thing the ALSA extensions have over OSS is automatic muting of the speaker when headphones are plugged in; the OSS extension has a command line option to set that to true, but the default is to not mute the speaker. No biggie but go figure.

Now I’m going to decide if crunchbang gets my current /home partition or the smaller / partition. {Tiny,Micro}Core gets the other.

I’ll have a list of stuff I’m compiling soon. I thought I was going to have time this weekend (and beyond…) but it looks like I’ll be heading back to take care of family for a while again. This time shouldn’t be as long or soul-crushing time-consuming.

Update: Hmmm, was it using oss instead of alsa? I’ll look again later and set up my script with -ao alsa to make sure defaults are overridden.


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