Addressing More Search Engine Hits

Here’s another post addressing search engine hits to my blog.

To the person hitting on “error installing xubuntu,” I couldn’t agree more. Installing Xubuntu is a very serious error! Fortunately it can be corrected by installing something else. I recommend any other distro, but if you insist on an Ubuntu-based distro give crunchbang a try.

I keep getting sporadic hits looking for microcore screenshots. You know what it would look like? A console. You boot straight into a prompt that (if you boot without user= and/or host= cheatcodes) looks like this:

tc@box /:

Do you really need a screenshot to decide if you want that? It would seem to me that people who don’t want X shouldn’t need a screenshot of a prompt. It would also seem to me that anyone using MicroCore with the intention of a full X extension would appreciate the fact that the TinyCore screenshots are MicroCore+X screenshots. Duh.

Today was the first time I had a hit about how to use an AA1 as a keyboard for another computer. Ummm, via ssh? That would certainly do it but the AA1 is a computer not a keyboard.

Finally (for now anyway), I’m getting a stream of hits for searches related to ath5k problems. I’m using kernel There’s been no changes to ath5k in the changelogs up to current ( and no significant changes to the 802.11 stack, either. I try to limit my Linux use to less than three hours per session but I still lose function of the Atheros wifi card. It’s a pain in the ass and one of the reasons I continue to dual-boot with XP (never had any problem with the Atheros card under XP except that the problem persists between boots after it crashes in Linux) and am strongly considering upgrading to Windows 7.

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