Update 20090817

I’ve been busier than expected the past few days. Taking a bit of a break this afternoon to clear my head. Here’s a little update of what’s going on with my computers.

My AA1 continues to be my primary computer, for better or worse. I’ve decided I really need a bigger, faster laptop for full time service. I’m looking at a used high-end business model and also at new mid-level business models now. I’ll probably continue using the AA1 quite a bit since it’s by far the easiest to tote around.

I’m really hard pressed to say I’m still running CrunchBang since I’ve removed a lot of its defaults and replaced them with other things. If anything, it’s more like un-buntu. Nothing against CrunchBang but, even though I think it’s certainly a decent implementation for users wanting less point-click bullshit and less overhead, I think it could benefit from changing window managers and some of the default stuff like the tint2 panel and conky.

I’m still using ion3, which I’ve “fixed” so it doesn’t get full primary use of my function keys. I basically run two “desktops” in it. The first is full screen for well-behaved applications; the other is split so about 30% of the screen is used by the smaller windows of multi-windowed applications like GIMP and Skype. Simple and works for my needs.

I’m also using TinyCore and MicroCore more often but I haven’t had time to finish compiling some of the apps I want. Once I do that, I may enlarge my second Windows partition and reduce the Linux partitions, and get rid of CrunchBang or un-buntu or whatever the hell it is now. I hope to have more to add about all this shortly. {Micro,Tiny}Core is really growing on me.

I’m using NetBSD on my last remaining home server, which I was about to set up as my VPN server. Unfortunately, the server is just about FUBAR. I think the mobo is shot. Regardless, I’m going to scrap it if I can’t figure out if it’s just a bad ribbon cable. It was a rescued MMX box so no big loss. I got a little over a year’s service out of it. I’m thinking of using my old ThinkPad as a VPN server. It’s probably a fire hazard so that could be interesting.

How have I tried to clear my head today? By getting some stuff set up (config files and such) so I can transfer it over to MicroCore, writing a script, etc. I’ll do a separate posting on all that this week. Maybe a video, too, to show the speed and efficiency of console applications and how they can be integrated to work together.

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