First Post From emacs 23.1.1 Under TinyCore Linux

As I noted yesterday, I’ve shuffled things around a good bit on my Aspire One. That includes getting rid of CrunchBang so now my only remaining Linux environment is {Tiny,Micro}Core. The last changes I had to make were to get rid of the CrunchBang-related things in /boot and edit my GRUB menu.lst to give me various ways to boot TinyCore and MicroCore (as well as Windows XP). I wanted entries so I can boot without any extensions loaded as well as without any other cheatcodes.

I’m using jwm more or less as I’ve written with my mouse-less configurations. That includes more keybindings. I haven’t set up additional menus yet but I probably will to at least control a few things.

I’ve had the AA1 running TinyCore for almost four hours now. I’m anticipating losing wireless any time. I hope it doesn’t flake out but my experience with ath5k has jaded me. If it drops on me, I’ll look seriously at reverting to madwifi, ndis, etc. I’ll be very happy if it can go five hours without flaking. So far the only “strange” thing has been an unsupported jumbo message in dmesg, which isn’t lethal. (Edit before I post: I rebooted into Windows to work on something in OOo 3.)

My first clue that something is wrong will be loss of streaming audio. I figure that’s as easy as anything else and it’s enjoyable compared to the drone of conference calls I’ve been on all day.

I love conference calls because they give me a chance to compile things. And after going through the repository, I see there are a few things I want that I need to compile myself.


I just compiled the latest release (23.1.1) of GNU emacs along with the latest stable release of mew (6.2). I still have a couple things I want to add to this, such as muse mode. I haven’t decided yet about TeX Live. I’ll skip that if I install OpenOffice on TinyCore.


I didn’t compile this with the intention of packaging it but I might try to recompile it in such a way that it might make a sensible TC extension. Not sure what to do about that without removing things a lot of people will want anyway. Guess I could try to package separate bits so you’d need several packages to get the full emacs, similar to how some distros do it (or even more radically than they do if possible). I’ll have to think about it. I’ve chosen to install these things at least for now as “test” versions to a ~/local directory ($HOME/local/bin is now in PATH).

I’ll probably have to wait to compile more stuff this weekend. Like I wrote above, I have several things I want (need) and those will most likely be submitted at some point.

Started in emacs weblogger.el
Finished online in IE8 to add images and categories and to format text

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