AA1 + madwifi-hal + WPA = FAIL

I’ve started another video but need to edit it together and this time there will be voice-over (oh dear). For now, here’s a couple screenshots to show that the problem isn’t going away with madwifi-hal. Happened a couple hours ago. See the “stream” aterm listed on my tray? That’s mplayer with a stream. It disappeared right after I took this screenshot. And the page I was trying to load in Opera wouldn’t.


The first thing I did was attempt to ping out. No luck. Then I looked to see if dmesg had something revealing, and it did.


I rebooted into TinyCore and immediately checked to see if the card was detected. I was pretty sure it would be just like the timeouts with ath5k and that I wouldn’t even appear to have a wireless card. Being right all the time is more a curse to me than to everyone else around me. Believe it or not.


I went ahead and ran my script to connect to my home AP. No surprises. Can’t connect with what’s not there. Or what’s not recognized.

Movie version later. I’ll try to keep it rated no worse than PG-13.

(edited mildly)

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2 Responses to “AA1 + madwifi-hal + WPA = FAIL”

  1. combo3 Says:

    A quick google search yields numerous wifi connectively issues for your machine from both Windows and Linux users.

    My Eee pc uses the exact same card and Linux drivers, and I’ve never experienced any connection losses.

    If a cold boot is the only way to restart your card, I suspect you have a hardware problem – quite possibly heat-related, or perhaps due to a poorly seated card.

  2. lucky Says:

    No shit about “quick google search”?! Wonder why the fuck I didn’t ever think of trying that myself. Maybe next time I’ll even bother reading the fucking ath5k development threads for myself or try running and/or compiling compat/development drivers to see if there’s any improvement over the mainline driver or if the developers are still trying to sort through all the damn issues this card still has. Thanks for showing me the fucking light!

    The problem with your hypothesis is the problem has NEVER FUCKING HAPPENED under Windows, only Linux. I can run the thing all goddamn day in Windows. I can suspend and resume ad infinitum. I have never had ANY problem with the card under Windows.

    But every fucking Linux distro I’ve run on this has had issues. At first with it failing to be detected upon resume after suspend. Then anytime I’d run it for more than a few (four) hours. And so on.

    It’s not a seating problem. If so, I would expect similar issues in Windows. As I’ve fucking eloquently written here and elsewhere, performance under Windows has been flawless. So flawless, in fact, that I remain unapologetic for not only ordering a Windows model but for not removing it. It’s nice to have something that actually works given the buggy/shitty performance of the AA1’s default hardware under Linux.

    I’d also considered that it could be an overheating problem — see somewhere between my fifth and eighth post about it. If it IS a heating problem, I’m convinced it’s Linux-specific and possibly related to wpa_supplicant. Do you use WPA with this same exact card and same exact Linux drivers? Or are you comparing apples and oranges like a few others have tried when offering advice about my AA1? (And before you even suggest not using WPA: no, I’m not going to change everything to WEP to deal with a serious shortcoming in Linux/wpa_supplicant.)

    What I do know for sure is the card isn’t losing any performance under Windows with WPA encryption, which is generally how I use my AA1. So guess what? I’m going to continue running Windows on it instead of Linux. And when I do run Linux, it’s only going to be briefly for testing things and, more likely than not, without networking at all. I just got another laptop, a bit older and probably better suited for Linux.

    If you really think it’s hardware-related and “fixable,” feel free to submit an offer for my AA1 and then you can run whatever the hell you want on it. Everything has a price. The price of fucked-up Linux performance on this thing isn’t one I’m willing to pay anymore.

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