Alive (Barely) and Kicking (Barely)

I’d alluded a couple months ago that I was going to have a little time around Labor Day to mess with my new-old laptop. Boy, was that optimistic. I’ve had my hands full with family health issues again and have had very little time to work, sleep, or take care of myself the past couple months. I returned home yesterday and will have more catching up as I did last time before my life feels — and actually is — back to normal.

Linux-wise long story short, I’ve had only enough time with it to install a couple different distros and OpenSolaris to determine what I’m going to end up running on it. I thought it was coming sans hard drive or that it would at  least be wiped, but I have a genuine Microsoft license and key for XP Professional for it. It currently has no Windows partitions and is running Xubuntu Jizzy Jackshit, which I really can’t wait to replace.

I end up regretting every *buntu installation I do. This has been no different, and in some ways may be the worst yet. Details may follow. Or not.

I left Open Solaris on the laptop for less than an hour after installation completed. I know ZFS has its fans and it certainly has some interesting features. It uses too many resources, though, for my tastes — at least with the specs of my hardware. Sun recommends at least 1 GB of RAM. Maybe it’s less of an issue with at least 2 GB?

In any event, I haven’t had much time to mess with the new-old laptop except to see which distro or OS could manage the hardware and do rudimentary tasks with the least drama out of the box. And guess what that’s been? TinyCore booted from USB. I still want to give more “enterprise-grade” distros a shot. I just need some time. 

I’ve stopped using Linux on my Aspire One. I may try to sell it in the near future. It remains my primary computer but I really am hamstrung by the features that appealed to me enough to get a netbook. Where its portability won me over, now the lack of an optical drive, small screen, and small keyboard are its downfall. I won’t bring up the Atheros wireless card in this context but it merits some consideration even though it works well under Windows (sucks ass under Linux).

Anyway, my life’s again been on hold and it will take a while to get back in the swing of it. Hopefully I’ll be able to make more frequent posts again soon.

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