New-Old Laptop Update – 20091106

I looked at Distrowatch to see what was happening with various distros and downloaded a few ISOs. Among the candidates for my new-old laptop were Debian (Xfce/lxde), OpenBSD 4.6, Slackware 13, and Mandriva-One KDE 2010. I narrowed it down after a little thinking and only burned the images for Slackware and OpenBSD. I was open to looking at KDE on this and wish I could live with it, but I think I’ll be happier without it.

I decided to install Slackware 13 on my laptop yesterday afternoon and did some minor tweaking and configuration while I watched Survivor. I only burned the first two images because I didn’t want to use KDE, but I did go ahead and install Xfce as my only desktop. I may eventually change that to either ion3 or ratpoison even though I have a lot more room on my desktop now (17″). 

In addition to installing Adobe Flash and something else I won’t mention, I compiled the most recent release of GNU emacs. I also installed slapt-get and gslapt though I’ve yet to configure for any repository beyond the defaults. I still have to compile mew, and I need to install my office software (I think I can get away with IBM Lotus Symphony now, else I’ll have to install OOo). At some point, I’ll compile a custom kernel. The big one from Slackware has xfs, jfs, and all kinds of other things built in it that I don’t need and I’d like to reclaim every little bit of RAM I can.

I’ve yet to test things like my beloved Samsung S3 (libmtp is installed) to see what’s working or not. I did a fast basic configuration to get wifi working and moved a few things over via SSH; I do know that audio and X are working without any additional tweaking. Hopefully I’ll have time soon to turn this into my primary computer, whether or not I sell the Acer Aspire One.

No time frame for anything but the office suite and mew (ASAP) because I still am catching up on work from September and October. And no screen shots because it’s just the vanilla Xfce desktop with a solid blue background rather than the default (but quite tasteful, I’ll admit) striped Xfce wallpaper — like it should be without someone else’s muddled idea of how it should be branded with a distro name (or worse). That’s one of the great things about Slackware. That and the fact it has some of the best documentation available so setting it up is straightforward (second in all respects only to OpenBSD in my book).

More when I get time.

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