20091119 Update – AA1, New-Old Laptop, New Desktop, Etc.

Slowly getting back into the rhythm of my own life again and finding more time to set up computers. I’m selling my AA1 as I noted in the previous update.

I’m not running Slackware on the new laptop right now. I downloaded PCLOS Zen Mini to see what a stripped down Gnome desktop system would be like. I ended up installing it on the new-old laptop and have added only packages I want/need. Despite my dislike for bloated packaging typically found in binary distros, this is much preferable to installing something that comes with software packages I don’t care for and end up replacing with the ones I want. I don’t know how much longer I’ll run this before changing again. I’m surprisingly pleased with it so far — even with the sizable updates I ran upon installing it — but I think I’m probably going to ditch anything running Gnome or KDE. I saw that Texstar has Xfce and e17 (coming soon?) versions available as well, in addition to LXDE (which just isn’t my cuppa).

I’m currently burning the Fedora 12 Xfce live ISO. I doubt I’ll install it but who knows.

I’ve also been running TinyCore on this laptop via USB. I may end up setting it up on the hard drive at some point.

I’ve also acquired a new desktop to replace my old one. The old one, which had the funkiest parts and configuration I think I’ve ever encountered in an OEM computer, bit the dust and I don’t feel like finding a new power supply for it; it’s not a standard power supply and the model is no longer supported by the manufacturer. I don’t have an OS installed on it yet and probably won’t get to it until this weekend at the earliest (more likely Thanksgiving weekend since my holiday shopping is done). I haven’t made any choices about distros for it yet but maybe I’ll have some time to look around a bit more before I slap in my USB stick and copy TinyCore to that hard drive.

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