20091125 Update – PCLOS ZenMini Gnome on Laptop

Been a while since I put up a screenshot.

Nothing spectacular. I’m still running PCLOS ZenMini with a handful of applications: OpenOffice.org 3.1 (Novell fork), Sylpheed 2.7.1, vlc (which I installed in lieu of mplayer), Skype, some Bluetooth tools, screen, htop, GIMP, and so on. I’ve not been able to spend as much time on this as I’d hoped yet — I’ve had it for almost three months now.

I’ve run into some wireless issues so I’m plugged into my router now. I think the original card is FUBAR but I have a couple more here I can stick in it. I also see a couple things at boot I need to investigate and see if I can fix but everything’s usable.

Over all impressions of PCLOS ZenMini are about the same as in my previous entry. I really appreciate developers who leave more choices to me — the end user — rather than making decisions for me. ZenMini, like MiniMe, provides the user with a minimal but functional desktop upon which the user then adds the applications he or she wants. For me, that meant less uninstalling stuff and fewer settings (e. g., MIME) to reconfigure.

I haven’t had time to play around with many other distros since my previous update. I’m not so happy with this that I’m not considering any change but I have to admit that ZenMini hasn’t given me any reason to look around, either. Like other PCLOS offerings, it’s rock solid and stays out of the user’s way. 

UPDATE: Jinx! I was about to publish this entry when X totally locked up on me and I couldn’t kill. Back on AA1 (XP) now to finish and publish. I’ll look into it later.

One Response to “20091125 Update – PCLOS ZenMini Gnome on Laptop”

  1. kruce Says:

    Just for kicks and reading material:


    from the eeePC utilities developer regarding Ubuntu kernel. I would assume that other netbook users (non ASUS) would be in a similar situation (of course, you’re past this).

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