Banned at Distrowatch, LOL

Haha, I’ve been blocked from commenting at Distrowatch. The funny part is some tard wanted to challenge my virility.

For the record, I don’t have a girlfriend. My better half won’t let me have one. Neither will the kids. (Edit: Out of curiosity, what’s more Darwinian: your “feelings” about how much action I get or that you actually have “feelings” about it? MYOB, putz. Stop thinking — worse, feeling — about my sex life and worry about your own.)

Here’s my last reply, which won’t post and redirects me to the DWW page:

SUBJECT: @unsophisticated users
@103: "Unsophisticated users" = those Windows/Linux users who won't bother
to actually learn OpenBSD but merely want to pad their "tried that"-resumes'
by running something pre-configured and dumbed down. Kind of like a couple
weeks ago with the whole automounting crap and an expectation based on lowest
common denominators that everything should work just like Windows. 

Just install OpenBSD if you want to run OpenBSD. If your goal is a Gnome
desktop, there are already plenty of Linux projects which accomplish that
and it's clear that the OpenBSD project doesn't care to participate in
attracting "market share" from those projects. They have their own
comfortable niche. They don't want to cater to the kinds of users who want
automagic everything.

Again, it's *irrelevant* what OS is running beneath your desktop environment
if you don't want to get your hands dirty with the OS. This whole thing is
amusing from that aspect because you people are acting like someone's depriving
you of something by not catering to the lowest common denominator of
(unsophisticated) computer user. I've installed OpenBSD 4.6 and its installer is
quite easy to use, even easier than earlier versions -- and those were pretty easy
for anyone willing to actually RTFM.

As I wrote on my own blog yesterday, "Dumbing the process down brings in dummies"
and that's not one of the goals of the OpenBSD project. It's not about snobbiness,
it's just about the project's goals -- and it's not that OpenBSD's goals are out of
step with people like you, people like you are out of step with OpenBSD's goals. They
respect your right to use other operating systems that will cater to your sort, so why
can't you respect their right to not appeal to users like you?

If it's out of step with the project's goals, why should they want someone to spam
their list with an announcement about a fork? If you don't respect the project enough
to work within it, don't be surprised if they express some form of rebuke -- in this
instance, I thought it was very mild -- when someone outside their own ecosystem uses
their list to advertise a fork. They don't owe forks or fork-ers anything. If you don't
work with them, why should they work with you? Answer that, please. 

What's up with the personal attack on my virility, lamer? Stop projecting and stick to
the issues. You *really* don't want to go there.


Personal note to Ladislav: I’ve been banned by better people from better sites for a lot worse. If you can’t stand valid criticism and other points of view, maybe you’re in the wrong business.

One Response to “Banned at Distrowatch, LOL”

  1. coloneldeguerlass Says:

    Thanx for recording posts;
    FYI, Forests’doctrine is one cannot leant only by experience (reading a book is not tiring);
    and what is in one of His many (in topic!!!!) posts:

    “156 • No subject (by forest at 2010-02-04 10:42:02 GMT from United Kingdom)
    Ref #153”
    150 insignifiant lines skipped ….

    <<the"target" is Blair.

    IE there's no rationality involved, he has been in a lot of folks' sights for a long time and to see him squirm, as he will, is the real aim. Even better if a case can be laid against him and he ends up having to be very careful, or open…minded, were he to drop the soap…"

    A soap and jails expert is entitled to post in DWW, as it is considerd as politically correct and gives useful in sights on FOSS distributions!!!!!

    Other posts have been rewitten:
    the original post of 186 lost its first sentence (as if reminding some of the ugliest bodnaresque tricks was out of topic)
    " Well, that was a nice distroquatsch opinion, in the purest 2006-2008 tradition:
    If there is no technical inspiration, looking in the Stalinian way for deviant behavior in the vast FOSS world might bring some readers…
    see for Mandriva being 'anti-PR, among many other gems…

    BTW: in the CLI/GUI "debate', there are people who like sudokus and cross words, and would be very upset if sudokus were prefilled…
    And, for the ease of learning of BSD if it has a GUI, a book is more comfortable than any GUI…


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